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Civic Champs looks for people who want to make a difference inside our company and in their community. We only hire talented people who like community and are life long learners.


Ready to help nonprofits get the tools they deserve?

The Civic Champs platform is working to get nonprofits the tools that for profit business already have but in the way that makes sense for them. We work hard to build the tools they need.

Civic Champs was founded in early 2019 to change how nonprofits operate and engage with their supporters. Civic Champs automates volunteer management and helps nonprofit organizations convert their volunteers to donors. Our technology eliminates manual data entry and other time-intensive tasks so nonprofits can focus on doing what matters most.  

Our initial product automates volunteer hour tracking by providing nonprofits three different ways of capturing volunteer hours: a mobile app for volunteers that uses geofencing technology; a self-service kiosk that can be launched on any device; and an admin mode within the mobile app that allows staff members to check-in volunteers on their behalf. In addition, our integrated micro-donations platform automatically converts volunteers to donors. We are also introducing background checks and volunteer texting to our platform over the next 6 months.

Despite being such a young company, Civic Champs has already started working with over 50 nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity, Rotary International, United Way, and the Boys & Girls Club, in addition, two community colleges and multiple schools. 

Also, we have been fortunate to have won several top-tier accolades including:

Teams & Open Positions

Join a small, tight-knit, and high-powered team committed to making an impact, one volunteer at a time. Our team has a diverse background ranging from serial entrepreneurship to K-12 education software development. We are united by our love of working with each other, our dedication to our clients, and a belief in our mission of transforming the world of nonprofits.  

Product Development

Our product team is first class and works hard to put forth the best product to our customers. They strive to make things seamless for our customers.

Back-End Engineer

As Civic Champs continues to grow, we are looking to bring on engineers with a focus on backend development to join our team.  

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Front-End Engineer

As Civic Champs continues to grow, we are looking to bring on a lead mobile engineer with a focus on React Native and cross-platform development.

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Sales and Customer Support

Our Sales and Customer Support team is friendly and love to help our customers discover how we can make things more seamless, so they can get back to doing what matters most.

Account Executive

We at Civic Champs highly value our partners and strive to give them the best possible experience. That’s why we’re searching for a new Account Executive to join a highly productive team to work toward this goal and help nonprofits get the most out of their partnership with us.

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The Operations teams makes things easier for our team. They figures out how to grease the wheels so things are more seamless in house for the whole team. 

Your time is very valuable

Let us help you get your time back to do the things that matter most.


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