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Seamless volunteering

Throw away the binders and the clipboards. Volunteers can track their hours, activities, and reflections in 3 very simple ways. They can use our mobile app that is automated to remind them to check in, they can use our kiosk mode that can be set up anywhere, or administrators can use our mobile administrative mode to check volunteers in on their behalf. 

Automate Tracking

Volunteers will be notified that they can check in as they arrive at your events. Our app, with a single click, helps you reclaim all of those hours you would have spent transferring and recreating data recorded on some piece of paper in some file cabinet.


The integrated micro-donations feature automatically converts volunteers to donors. Volunteers are twice as likely to donate to the organizations they are helping.

Simple Dashboards

Wouldn’t you want to know if 70% of your first-time volunteers never returned? Dashboards can tell you not only how many volunteers you have, how many hours they’ve logged, and how they spend their time, but also give you insights you can use to help your organization make a greater impact.

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Civic Champs helps nonprofits get back their time to do the things that matter most. We streamline the volunteer process through a mobile-first platform to allow Executive Directors and Volunteer Coordinators to get more time in their week.

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