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Each year, Habitat for Humanity affiliates engage thousands of volunteers to build homes, transform communities, and change lives. Coordinating that many volunteers takes a lot of time and resources. You and your volunteers want to build homes, not fill out forms, chase down paper sign-in sheets and enter data multiple times into different systems.

Event Scheduling

We make event creation simple, for one-time and recurring events. Each of our partners gets a personalized web page where volunteers can go to view upcoming events and register themselves.

Waiver Forms

Get rid of paper waiver forms! It is crucial that Habitat affiliates protect themselves from liability. This is why we make it simple to upload waiver forms and make sure volunteers sign them before they get to a build site.


Civic Champs uses geofencing technology to set up a virtual perimeter around volunteer locations. This means that no one will forget to check in to events.


Feedback Collection

Civic Champs prompts volunteers to provide feedback and reflections about their volunteer experience when they check-out.  We know how important it is to gather this information for storytelling, grant reports, and corporate partners.


“Volunteer tracking and event scheduling couldn’t get any easier. Civic Champs does all the work, so we can continue to change the world one home at a time. We are thrilled with this partnership”

Naelijwa Manongi

Community Outreach Coordinator

Harbor Habitat for Humanity Benton Harbor, MI

Micro Donations

Volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers, but many affiliates struggle to get their first donation.

Civic Champs offers a micro donations feature, which provides highly personalized, automatic requests for small donations that align with volunteer service. This will help volunteers get their feet wet with donating to your organization, and make your larger asks more effective in the future.

Tracking Solutions for Every Situation

Mobile App

Volunteers can use their smartphone to log and edit their own hours, see their schedule, and track their activity over time. This will save you time, help you to collect feedback from volunteers, and track volunteers by their customizable job roles (construction, non-construction, sweat equity, community service).

Kiosk Mode

Our kiosk mode is a secure webpage that turns any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet. This is perfect for the ReStore, or for large, one-time events that require lots of new volunteers.

Mobile Administrator

Your staff can use this feature to log volunteer hours quickly and easily using their smartphone and see the upcoming schedule and who’s on the job site. Our affiliates often use this feature for core volunteers who don’t want to use the mobile app.

Your Success is Our Purpose

Our Solutions Help Habitat for Humanity
  • Enhance volunteer engagement and retention
  • Cultivate relationships 
  • Convert volunteers to donors
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Operate more efficiently


A Quick Demo

In as little as 15 minutes, we can show you around Civic Champs and you can see just how easy it will be to start getting your valuable time back. Click on Learn more to pick a time that works for you.


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