Civic Champs has always valued diversity in every form when it comes to those they service and those who they employ. This is reflected in the new 2020 interns; the select 5 bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences, talents and perspectives to the team that proves to be invaluable to the organization. Here’s a quick rundown of these new interns and their thoughts on joining the Civic Champs team:

Ashley Robinson; Civic Champs Marketing Intern
“I’m extremely excited to join the Civic Champs team as a Marketing intern. I look forward to sharing useful resources and inspiring stories to not only our local communities but also nonprofit organizations across the country. But, most of all, I am very proud to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and having the opportunity to help others!”

Aspen Weyenberg; Civic Champs Marketing Intern
“I applied because I wanted to learn more about the non-profit sector as a career. In this internship, I have combined the skills that I have learned from my marketing experience to understand the non-profit industry even more. In addition, working with teammates that share the same goals as me is a great plus!”

Wen-Yen Li; Civic Champs Business Analytics and UX Research Intern
“I work as a Business Analyst/UX Researcher at Civic Champs, so one of my goals during the internship includes honing my SQL and spreadsheet skills to help the company make faster and better data-driven decisions. I also want to enable the company to understand more about its customers, so the team could improve its products, meet user/community needs, and help nonprofits that have been experiencing a hard time during the global pandemic.”

Caroline Short; Civic Champs Business Analytics Intern
“As an IU business student, Civic Champs gives me an opportunity to be more entrenched in my community while learning and growing in my skills! My ability to try new things and learn through doing has been such a wonderful opportunity.”

Jordan Plunkett; Helping Hands Marketing Intern
“I applied for this internship because COVID-19 heavily affected my family this summer. I honestly can’t imagine how someone who fits into the high risk category who doesn’t have a big family could manage during this time, and Helping Hands is a direct solution to this problem. This is my first internship and my first marketing position, so I’d love to learn more about the social media side of marketing. In our digital age, I think experiences in this field are something everyone should have under their belt.”

Interested in learning more about our team? Check out our ‘About Us’ page here for a full list of our employees and interns.

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