There are so many great organizations to volunteer at. How do you pick one? Volunteering at almost any nonprofit is typically a positive experience, so you can’t go wrong; but, why not volunteer somewhere with animals, or outside, or with kids? 

3 Places To Volunteer With Animals



1) Humane Society

The Humane Society had over  2,700 volunteers in 2018. Those volunteers rescued and cared for 260,557 animals. They offer over 60 different ways to contribute. Positions range from Animal Sheltering/Direct Care, to Veterinarian. The Humane Society is a great place to make a difference every single time you volunteer all while learning new things and gaining experience along the way.

Use this link to find a Humane Society branch near you.



2) Austin Pets Alive


Austin Pets Alive strives to limit the number of stray pets that are put to sleep. Austin Pets has been able to attain a save rate of over 95%. In other words, this organization has saved over 10,000 pets that otherwise would have had to be put down. Based out of Austin, Texas, Austin Pets Alive has taught their ‘No Kill’ model to 450 animal welfare workers to save even more lives.

Interested in volunteering for Austin Pets Alive? Apply here!



3) Animal Foundation


Like Austin Pets Alive, Animal Foundation is another shelter with the aim of getting the euthanasia rate down to zero. Animal foundation also supports pet-owners with lower socio-economic statuses, to ensure all pets get the care they need. Their C.A.R.E, companion rehabilitation & enhancement, fund gives pets second chances by paying for emergency surgeries.

You can Volunteer at the shelter 365 days a year, but they also provide the option of temporarily fostering a pet, read more about the details of the program here.


3 Places To Volunteer Outdoors



1) Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity houses families in need. Habitat donees earn their future houses with hard work, and are required to spend 200 hours in advance volunteering. No construction experience is needed to volunteer. Have a fun day out in the sun, and learn how to build from more senior volunteers. Although, if you’re not interested in a day outside, Habitat does have another option. They have resale stores across the country that sell donated items and help finance construction projects. Volunteers are always needed in the store.

Find a Habitat for Humanity near you here.


2) Find Or Organize A Local 5k  

Through sign-up fees, T-Shirt sales, and donations 5k’s are powerful fundraising events that generate awareness and support for relevant causes. Participating in a 5k is not only the perfect excuse to spend a day as a family, but also a great reason to focus on your health and get in shape!

3) National Park Service 

National Park Service provides opportunities to fit your level of commitment/time constraints. You can do a one-time service project, volunteer throughout an ongoing event, or apply for a longer term position. Whether you opt to clean the park, help with security, or channel your inner BoyScout and help with building/maintenance, there’s something for everyone. Although, for our younger audience, you should be aware that those under 18 need the written consent of a parent or legal guardian. 

As the weather gets nicer, stay on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer with U.S. national parks here

3 Places To Volunteer With Children 

1)  YMCA

The YMCA, Young Men’s Christian Association, is an international organization that you’re probably already familiar with. The YMCA aims to strength and unite local communities by encouraging physical activity and overall health and wellness. Did you know they’re always looking for an extra hand? The YMCA is actually a nonprofit and accepts volunteers. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at the YMCA that involve working with kids. You can sign on to coach a sports team, lead a summer camp, or be a mentor. If you do not want to work with kids, the YMCA also accepts pro-bono professional work. Learn more about  opportunities with the Y-M-C-A here

2) Mentor

Mentor is a nationwide organization who aims to bridge the mentoring gap between role models and underprivileged youth. In 2013, Mentor was included as a member of the Social Impact 100 (S&I100), which distinguishes the world’s top 100 nonprofits due to outstanding impact and potential for growth. Mentor’s mission is to fuel both the quantity and quality of mentorships. The typical mentee isn’t necessarily a ‘kid’, but more in the age range of teen-young adult. Nonetheless, if you’re a working professional interested in helping guide the younger generation through some of their most pivotal and development years, volunteer with mentor!

Become a mentor here!

3) Riley Children’s Hospital 

Riley Children’s Hospital, an organization well-known throughout Indiana, aims to make the most of an unfortunate situation. RCH has countless fundraising opportunities you can participate in, perhaps the most common, a dance marathon! During a Riley Dance Marathon, or RDH, volunteers pledge to dance for 24 hours straight! The kids show up, stay up late, dance and eat junk, it’s a really fun way to show support and make a child’s day. 

Find out when the next opportunity to volunteer for Riley Children’s Hospital is here


This list is nowhere near exhaustive. Thinking an awesome nonprofit we left out? Comment on Civic Champs’ social media accounts with additional ideas (icons with links below)!






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